Christian Bucher




MovementRadicalBucher Hori Countryman: The Movement Radical

Rick Countryman - Alto Sax
Christian Bucher - Drums
Tetsuro Hori - Acoustic Bass

Recorded July 17, 2023 by Tetsumasa Kondo live at the Big Apple in Kobe, Japan.
Mixed/mastered by Alvin Cornista
©2023 Chap-Chap Records Japan

Live FactThe Movement Radical

...Tight, loose, free, intense, strong interplay, erupting in organic bursts.

Track 7- "Fluctuations"

OldDrainsBucher Tan Countryman: old drains, new stains

Rick Countryman- Alto Sax
Christian Bucher- Drums
Simon Tan- Bass

Recorded July 25, 2022 by Mrk Estandarte at Strawberry Jams in Quezon City, Philippines
Mixed/mastered by Alvin Cornista
Consultation and guidance by Julien Palomo
©2023 FMR Records UK

Live Factold drains, new stains

...nine exuberant and astute improvisations.

Track 2- "Edge of Regression"

ForceGravityBucher Countryman: The Force of Gravity

Rick Countryman - Alto Sax
Christian Bucher - Drums

Recorded July 26-27, 2022 by Mrk Estandarte at Strawberry Jams in Quezon City, Philippines
Mixed/mastered by Alvin Cornista
Cover photos by Randy Lewis Countryman. Inside photos by Mrk Estandarte
©2022 FMR Records UK

Live FactThe Force of Gravity

...This is an excellent example of Free Music at its best.

Track 2- "The Force of Nature"

SacredBucher Tan Countryman: Sacred Fire of the Free

Rick Countryman- Alto Sax
Christian Bucher- Drums
Simon Tan- Bass

Recorded July 25, 2022 by Mrk Estandarte at Strawberry Jams in Quezon City, Philippines
Mixed/mastered by Alvin Cornista.
Cover art by Annie Countryman, photos by Peter Bucher
©2022 FMR Records UK

Live FactSacred Fire of the Free

...a well-balanced mix of energetic grooves and contemplative group conversation. .

Track 8- "Lucidity"

Live FactCountryman Bucher Yandsen: Live Fact Session

Rick Countryman - Alto Sax
Christian Bucher - Drums
Yong Yandsen - Tenor Sax

Track 1, recorded July 8, 2022 at The Saxophone Store, Kuala Lumpur
Tracks 2 – 6, recorded July 10, 2022 at Live Fact in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Mixed/mastered by Alvin Cornista
©2022 FMR Records UK

Live FactLive Fact Session

...This is a most organic, connected, free-wheeling trio.

Track 2- "Gratitude"

Live FactRiver People: Sol Expression

Rick Countryman - Alto Sax
Christian Bucher - Drums
Johnny Alegre - Guitar
Tetsuro Hori - Bass

Recorded July 19, 2022 at Crow’s Nest Studio, Metro Manila, Philippines
Mixed/mastered by Alvin Cornista Produced by Rick Countryman, Christian Bucher, and Peter Bucher. Sasa Cabalquinto (cover), photo by Jun Crame
©2022 Chap Chap Records Japan

Sol ExpressionSol Expression

...Like the Forest Spirit in Princess Mononoke, it leaves behind blooms of vegetation that quickly wilt as the musicians move onward.

Track - "Sol Expression"

OnceBucher Countryman: Once

Rick Countryman - Alto Sax
Christian Bucher - Drums

Live duo performance, recorded July 13, 2017 in the Philippines by Alvin Cornista
Alvin Cornista, engineer. Cover art Reeva Countryman, photos Peter Bucher.
©2022 FMR Records UK


...This is intense, focused, free jazz at its best.

Track 1- "Bye Bye Butterfly"

SecondBUG: Mesosa Nebulosa

Andreas Glauser - manipulated generators, moog synthesizer
Christian Bucher - drums, percussion

Artwork: Silvan Kälin
Recorded at Brainhall Studio Zürich
Mastering and Recording: Andreas Glauser
©2022 attenuation circuit/brainhall

SecondMesosa Nebulosa

...Eine erstaunliche Veröffentlichung

Track 3- "Rauchiger Schnellkäfer"

					Bucher Tan Countryman: Blue Spontaneity

Rick Countryman- Alto Sax
Christian Bucher- Drums
Simon Tan- Acoustic Bass

Recorded July 2019 at Strawberry Jams Studio, Quezon City, the Philippines
Mixed and mastered by Alvin Cornista

©2020 FMR Records UK

BlueBlue Spontaneity

...More Free Music at its best!

Track 5- "End of Reason"

EmpathyBucher Tan Countryman: Empathy

Rick Countryman- Alto Sax
Christian Bucher- Drums
Simon Tan- Bass

Recorded July 20, 2019 at Strawberry Jams Studio, Quezon City, the Philippines
Mixed and mastered by Alvin Cornista

©2019 FMR Records UK


This is one of the best discs of free/jazz improv I’ve heard recently.....

Track 2- "Temperance"

SecondSecond Wow

Steven Tod- guitar
Christof Zurbuchen- alto clarinet
Christian Bucher- drums
Lino Blöchlinger- sax
Jan Buchholz- bass
Thomas Reist- drums

Cover: Anna Lisa Schneeburger
Recording: Rahel Steiner
Mastering: Davide Mistretta
Recorded live 20. Oct 2018 at Alte Ziegelei Kriens, Switzerland


Track 1 (22:48)

ExtremelyBucher Countryman: Extremely Live in Manila

Rick Countryman- Sax
Christian Bucher- Drums
Features: Simon Tan & Isla Antinero

Recorded live in Quezon City, Philippines July 12 & 13, 2018 by Peter Bucher
Mixed and Mastered by Julien Palomo
©2018 Chap Chap Records Japan

ExtremelyExtremely Live in Manila


Track 3- "Dynamic Range of Expression (For Quartet)"

SwampWhale Belly: Swamp

Marc Lardon - Bass Clarinet, Electronics
Andreas Glauser - Manipulated Electronic Tools & Synthesizer
Christian Bucher- Drums

Cover: Marc Lardon
Live Recording: Marc Lardon
Mastering: Andreas Glauser
Recorded live 5. Mai 2018 Cinema Sil Plaz, Ilanz, Switzerland
©2018 attenuation circuit/brainhall


Track 2- "Collapse"

EstuaryBucher Countryman: Estuary

Rick Countryman- Sax (USA)
Christian Bucher- Drums (CH)

Cover Art: Reeva Countryman
Recorded on July 13, 2017 in a live format in the Philippines by Alvin Cornista
©2017 Manila Free Jazz


…..this is a great example of the far reach of free jazz.

Track 3- "Neo Free"

TributaryBucher Tan Countryman: Tributary

Rick Countryman- Alto Sax
Simon Tan- Bass
Christian Bucher- Drums

Cover Art: Rod Countryman
Recorded on July 22, 2017 in the Philippines in a live format by Alvin Cornista
©2017 Manila Free Jazz


… this is the jab from the left straight in your face….

Track 7- "Second Tributary"

Acceptance - ResistanceBucher Tan Countryman: Acceptance - Resistance

Christian Bucher- Drums
Simon Tan- Double Bass
Rick Countryman- Alto Sax

Cover: Rod Countryman
Art Director: Julien Palomo
Recorded July 24, 2016 at Strawberry Jams Studio, Quezon City, the Philippines
©2016 Improvising Beings, France

AcceptanceAcceptance - Resistance



BUG LiveatFloBUG: Live at Flo*

Christian Bucher- Cymbals
Andreas Glauser- Manipulated Mixer and Synthesizer

Recording & Mastering:
Cover & Design:

Recorded at Flo*, Munich, 08. April 2016

BUG Sediment

Sehnsucht in KlangbildernSehnsucht in Klangbildern

Christian Bucher- Schlagzeug, Perkussion
Andreas Glauser- Aufnahme, Mix und Mastering

CD mit Perkussions - Klangbildern im Tagebuch der Sehnsucht,
Druckerei Odermatt 2016

Januar – Engelberg: Jahrhunderte, Schnee, Labyrinth
Februar – Frankfurt: Zug, Beharrlichkeit, Gastfreundschaft
März – Athen: Umbruch, Taxi, Aufbruch
April – Poschiavo: Ehrfurcht, Pizzoccheri, Berge
Mai – Tunis: Medina, Neugier, Couscous
Juni – Horw: Basis, Zuhause, Vertrauen
Juli – Manila: Energie, Ankunft, Freundschaft
August – Taipeh: Konzentration, Gelassenheit, OolongTee
September – Perugia: Staunen, Genuss, Geschichte
Oktober – La Croix-Valmer: Sand, Oliven, Salz
November – Wilen: Wasser, Spiegelung, Ankunft
Dezember – Flüeli-Ranft: Erkenntnis, Kargheit, Einkehr

Sehnsucht in KlangbildernSehnsucht in Klangbildern

Mit Bildern, Tönen und Worten zu erfassen, was vielleicht unfassbar ist...

Track 3- "März: Athen"

Track 7- "Juli: Manila"

Track 8- "August: Taipeh"

BUG LiveatFlo(The) Wow (Trio) with Edward Reardon

Steven Tod- guitar
Christof Zurbuchen- alto clarinet
Christian Bucher- drums
Edward Reardon- guitar

Recorded by Philipp Föhn @ föhn-tön, Zug, 27. August 2015

BUG Sediment

Track 1 (26:44-28:58)

BUG sedimentBUG: Sediment

Christian Bucher- drums and percussion
Andreas Glauser- manipulated mixing desk, organ, mastering & CD1 remix

CD2 live recording by Jeroen Visser at Theater Chur
art work by Julia Kälin

attenuation circuit/brainhall 2015

BUG SedimentSediment

...BUG ist gleichzeitig ein Klang- und ein Kunstereignis. Wer Ohren hat, der schaue!...

Track 1- "Ruch"

She'sSignal Number Three

Rick Countryman- alto & bari sax
Paolo Cortez- guitar
Johnny Gaerlan- acoustic bass
Christian Bucher- drums
Alvin Cornista- sound engineer

All compositions are original group concepts and creations,
and the result of artistic collaboration, communication and empathy.

Recorded live at Balete@Kamias in Quezon City, Philippines on
July 15th, 2014

SignalSignal Number Three

Diese Scheibe hat Christian Bucher diesen Sommer in Quezon City/Philippinen mit drei einheimischen Musikern aufgenommen...

Track 1- "Signal Number Three"

ExhibitionChristian Bucher: Exhibition

Christian Bucher- drums

Recorded at Steim Amsterdam
Mastered by Andreas Glauser
Artwork and Photos by Rob Nienburg
CD Production

11 P.M. RECORDS 2013


.....Es sind Solo-Schlagzeug-Miniaturen von je eigenem Charakter und Klangdesign....

Track 2- "Image 2"

Track 9- "Image 9"

Track 13- "Image 13"

Well FedBucher Mallozzi Pfammatter: Well Fed

Lou Mallozzi- turntables cds microphones mixer
Hans-Peter Pfammatter- prepared object piano
Christian Bucher- drums

recorded mixed and mastered by Lou Mallozzi
Experimental Sound Studio Chicago July 23, 2009
recording assistant Sam Hertz

art work by Rob Nienburg

11 P.M. RECORDS 2011

Well FedWell Fed

...Diese Spannung ist eine gute Grundlage im interaktiven Austausch eines Trios, das nicht tändelt, sondern etwas zu sagen hat...

Track 7- "Green"

BugStateofSuspenseBUG: State of Suspense

Christian Bucher- drums and percussion
Andreas Glauser- modulated mixing desk & effects & recording & mastering

art work by Julia Kälin

brainhall 2009

State of SuspenseState of Suspense

...Gleich das erste Stück lässt hören, dass die beiden nicht laue Lüftchen suchen, sondern angriffig zur Sache gehen...

Track 10- "Part 12"

ZurBucherZurBucher: mehrspur

Christof Zurbuchen- alto-clarinet, effects
Christian Bucher- drums, percussion

cover design by Christof Zurbuchen
live recording from bau4 Altbüron




Christian Bucher- drums and percussion
Andreas Glauser- organ and modulated mixer desks

live recording from Dom Naradowny Cieszyn, Poland 2003
and 12th Audio Art Festival Krakow, Poland 2004

brainhall 2008


DUOBucher/Fehlmann: DUO

Beat Fehlmann- clarinets
Christian Bucher- drums, percussion

trombone tracks 2, 5, 8, 10 Beat Unternährer
recorded in Engelberg, CH
produced and mastered by Martin Lorenz
drawing installation by Claudia Bucher
photos and design by Rob Nienburg

11 P.M. RECORDS 2008


...Zehn freie Zwiegespräche unter frei denkenden Musikern, voller Stimmungen, voller Eskapaden, voller Windungen und Verstecke...

Track 1

ZurBucherBucher/Zurbuchen: ZurBucher

Christian Bucher- drums, percussion
Christof Zurbuchen- alto-clarinet, effects

cover design by Alexander Obretenov
recorded by Philipp Föhn @ föhn-tön, Zug



...Es steckt viel nervöse Geräuschenergie in dieser Musik, gekreuzt mit Freeness und Rockspirit...


Track 5- "Geschwindigkeiten"

C-J 123578Bucher/Glauser/Unternährer: C-J 123578

Christian Bucher- drums, percussion
Andreas Glauser- mixing console, electronic
Marc Unternährer- tuba

artwork by Julia Kälin
mastering by Beni Mosele
produced by Andreas Glauser

brainhall 2005

C-J 123578C-J 123578

...est un ovni discographique qui passionnera les auditeurs curieux. Christian Bucher (batterie), Andreas Glauser (électronique) et Marc Unternährer (tuba) s’y livrent à l’improvisation en absolue liberté. Pointu mais jouissif.

Track 4- "G5"

Parts1-9Bucher/Glauser: Parts1-9

Christian Bucher- drums, percussion
Andreas Glauser- remix

mastered by Beni Mosele
recorded by Franziska Lingg
graphics by Jana Yaacoub

brainhall 2003


...Die beiden erzeugen auf den neun Tracks ein verfeinertes Sound-Spektrum, das von fragil schwebenden und luzid dämmernden Geräuschzonen bis zu recht dynamisch kraftvollen entfalteten Dialog-Trips reicht.

Track 2- "Part 2"

A77 -+/&() Bucher/Glauser feat. Adéri: A77 -+/&()

Joana Adéri- voice
Christian Bucher- drums, percussion
Andreas Glauser- electronic tools

mastered by frogman (b.m.)

brainhall 2002

BucherGlauser A77A77 -+/&()

...Feine bis heftige Grundgeräusche rotieren und verändern sich. Klangflächen dringen an die Oberfläche, expandieren im Raum und verbinden sich mit anderen Geräuschen, mit ferne aufblitzenden Perkussionen, Trommeln, dunklen Dröhnungen, Stimmen.

Track 4- "vier.`__:"

TilltheCowsNevertheless: 'Till the Cows Come Home

David Zopfi- bass
Christian Bucher- drums
Franz Hellmüller- guitar

trombone tracks 5, 10- Pirmin Rohrer
voice track 3- Pascal Galeone
saxophone track 11- Peter Wespi
recording and mix- Jürg Vogt
mastering- Adrian Steiger
graphic design- Luzia Buchmann

COD 2000

Nevertheless 'Till the Cows Come Home'Till the Cows Come Home

...Jazz jenseits aller Crossovers und Hangovers. Nämlich da sind: Tadellose Instrumentalisten, hellhöriges Aufeinandereingehen, Melodien und Kurven, fintenreiche Improvisationen, Groove...

Track 4- "Franzoheda"

Here&NowNevertheless: Here and Now

Franz Hellmüller- guitar
David Zopfi- bass
Christian Bucher- drums

recorded and mixed byJürg Vogt
mastered by Studio the Place, Luzern
graphic design by Stefan Haas
photos by Alfons Gut

Swiss Music Pool 1999

Here and NowHere and Now

...Die Band zeichnet sich durch ein starkes Interplay und ihr eigenes unkonventionelles Konzept aus...

Track 4- "Butterfly"

DancingNevertheless: Dancing in the Air

Katrin Marti- tenorsaxophone
Franz Hellmüller- guitar
Thomas Lehmann- bass
Christian Bucher- drums

sound engineering by Jürg Vogt
graphic and artwork by Ulf Kollross
cover painting by Franz Bucher


Dancing in the Air

Track 1- "Song for You"

DancingTrauer, Wut und Hoffnung: Texte zur Zeit

Christian Bucher- perkussion
Veronika Schmidt- rezitation
Samuel Rusch- rezitation

live recording from Dachstock Hofmatt Horw
cover painting by Franz Bucher


Texte zur Zeit


GallantGamblesLes Mercenaires de l'Amour Fou: Gallant Gambles

Matthias Reinhard-DeRoo - bass
Martin Medimorec - mallets
Christian Bucher - drums

Release 15.09.2023
Recorded at Grünenwald

© 2023 Pekaton



Track 1- "Schlaues Blau"

FilouettesLes Mercenaires de l'Amour Fou: Filouettes

Matthias Reinhard-DeRoo - bass
Martin Medimorec - mallets
Christian Bucher - drums

Release 26.05.2023
Recorded at Grünenwald

© 2023 Pekaton



Track 1- "Rumble Fly"

SuntowersLes Mercenaires de l'Amour Fou: Suntowers

Matthias Reinhard-DeRoo - bass
Martin Medimorec - mallets
Christian Bucher - drums

Release 16.12.2022
Recorded at Grünenwald

© 2022 Pekaton



Track 1- "Superton"

PortraitLes Mercenaires de l'Amour Fou: Flugsalbi

Matthias Reinhard-DeRoo - bass
Martin Medimorec - mallets
Christian Bucher - drums

Release 11.12.2021
Recorded at Grünenwald

© 2021 Pekaton


...I don't remember where I first encountered your album, but you will be first on Sunday's program...


Track 9- "Here Goes Nothing"

PortraitOxymoron-Orchester & Josep-Maria Balanyà: Conducted Intuition

Josep-Maria Balanyà - instant composition & conducting
Marian Arbenz - voice
Pelayo F. Arrizabalaga - bass clarinet, turntables
Brigitte Aschwanden - speech
Christian Bucher - drums
Dave Gisler - guitar
Bernhard Göttert - cello
Werner Iten - percussion, b-horn, flute, voice
Herbert Kramis - contra bass
Florian Nussbaumer - trumpet
Beat Unternährer - trombone
Barb Wagner - electronics
Christof Zurbuchen - alto clarinet

Recorded live at Theater Casino Zug Grosser Saal, Zug, CH
Sunday, January 27th, 2013
Mastering and Production -
Crazylane Studio, Brussels, Belgium

© 2013 Crazylane Records

Portrait Einer Zeichnen

Track 1- "Oxymoron 130127"

My HeadPortobello: Sinners & Saints

Rog Huerlimann (bass, synths, piano, electronics)
Christian Bucher (drums, percussion)
Markus Burri (vocals, guitars, electronics)

all songs by Portobello
lyrics by Markus Burri
produced by Portobello
recorded by Bjoern Bredehoeft and Andrew Phillips at Gruenenwald, Engelberg
mixed by Andrew Phillips and Bjoern Bredehoeft at Soundfarm, Kriens LU
mastered by Dan Suter at echochamber, Zuerich
artwork by Markus Burri
band picture by Rob Nienburg

11 P.M. RECORDS 2010

Sinners & SaintsSinners & Saints dieser vielfalt verdichten die qualitäten des glänzend eingespielten dreier-teams noch zusätzlich.

Track 10- "Every Song"

My HeadPortobello: My Head is My Pillow is My Head

Markus Burri- vocals, guitars, keys
Christian Bucher- drums
Markus Heller- guitars
Roger Hürlimann- bass

music and words by Markus Burri
recorded and produced by Philippe Laffer at studio metronom, Basel
mixed by Stefan Reinhardt at studio metronom, Basel
mastered by Enrico Perricone at studios phd, Crissier
graphics by Claudia Schumacher
artwork by Stephan Brefin

Condor Records 2007

My Head is My PillowMy Head is My Pillow is My Head

...Portobello gehören mit ihrer aktuellen CD zu den eigenständigsten Indie-Rockbands dieser Lande.

Track 3- "There's Always Someone Watching You"

FacePortobello: Face the Music

Markus Burri- vocals, b-vocals, guitars, glockenspiel
Christian Bucher- drums, percussion, piano, vibraphone
Roger Hürlimann- bass

guitar on tracks 3, 8 Markus Heller
produced by Markus Burri
recorded by Deezl Imhof & Tobi Gmür @ Foolpark Studios
mixed by Deezl Imhof
mastered by Glenn Miller @ Greenwood Studios
photos by Marcel Kaufmann
artwork by Claudia Schumacher

Helvetic Production/11 P.M. RECORDS 2004

Face The MusicFace the Music

...signifikant ist das stete Spiel mit dem Fragilen-ein Genuss!

Track 1- "She's Like Night"

She'sPortobello: She's Like Night

Markus Burri- vocals, guitars
Roger Hürlimann- bass
Christian Bucher- drums, piano

music and words by Markus Burri

Helvetic Production 2004

She' s Like Night

Track 2- "Chase the Dragon"

ProfileProfile: Profile

G Heini- guitar
P Zihlmann- piano
R Hürlimann- bass
C Bucher- drums

recording by Jürg Vogt
cover design by Heinz Gadient



Track 1- "Running"

PortraitAntonia Brülisauer: Portrait einer Zeichnerin

Martha Manser- stimme
Christian Bucher- schlagzeug
Franziska Lingg- aufnahme schlagzeug
Antonia Camponovo- sprecherin

realisation bei Peter Indergand


Portrait Einer Zeichnen

ClazzClazz: Clazz

Pascal Galeone- voice
Raphael Christen- marimba
Rudi-Renoir Appoldt- alto sax
Markus Muff- bass trombone
Christian Bucher- drums

Engineered by René Kolb
Recorded at Studio the Place, Luzern



Track 4- "Afro Blue"


ElectricOrange Drive: Electric Shocks Forever

Michael Mathis- guitars, vocals, shynts
Roli Saum- guitars, percussion
Marcel Stalder- bass
Christof Kopp- drums
Christian Bucher- drums on 'days of foam'

recorded at Foolpark Studio, Zug
engineered and mixed by Deezl Imhof, Rolf Schmidt
produced by Deezl Imhof, Michael Mathis and Roland Saum
mastered by Glenn Miller @ Greenwood Studios
'days of foam' engineered and mixed by Joe Glanzmann
illustration and design by Andy Kamber

rec rec 2002

Electric Shocks Forever

RauschenAndreas Glauser: Musik im Rauschen

Andreas Glauser- electronic tools
Christian Bucher- percussion part 6

brainhall 2002

Musik im Rauschen

ExperienceMarco Wolf: Experience

Marco Wolf- keys, piano, drum programming

Léa Blumer-Comfort- vocal tracks 2, 3, 6
Myrta Amstad- vocal tracks 5, 7, 9
Nadya Khelili- vocal track 8
Christian Bucher- drums, percussion tracks 1,2,7,10
Peter Müller- background vocal track 5; bass, track 8
Michel de Paula- flute tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, 10, 11
Mansour Beiglar- flute (surna) solo track 10
Roger Staffelbach- accoustic guitar tracks 2, 3
Rene Koller- tracks 3, 8

written and produced by Marco Wolf
recorded at Titanik Studio, Sursee by Peter Müller
mixed by Didier Maag, Peter Müller, Marco Wolf
mastered by TON-ART, Basel
cover design by Daniela Erni


Marco Wolf Experience

Under BlueSkylar: Under Blue Stars

Franz Hellmüller- guitars
Peter Quadri- guitars
Jürg Vogt- bass
Christoph Schorro- drums, percussion
Christian Bucher- drums tracks 5, 7

recorded and mixed by Jürg Vogt
mastered by Studio the Place, Luzern
design by Andrea Baumgartner & PDT


Skylar Under Blue Stars

Already HappySportsguitar: Happy Already

Roland Saum- guitars
Oliver Obert- voice, guitars, bass
Christian Bucher- drums tracks 1,6,9

songs written by Oliver Obert
produced by Roland Saum and Oliver Obert
engineered by Rolf Schmidt
mixed by Sportsguitar and Rolf Schmidt
mastered at Greenwood Studios
artwork by Typoundso, Dittli F.O. and Marc Phillipp

Matador Records 1998

Already Happy


fabricationFabrication 4.0

Radio Session at Radio On Berlin > Seismografie des sons et des fréquences

attenuation circuit 2017

Hin & WegFlo* Compilation

Track „rcuh„ Sediment

TAM TAM 2016

Hin & WegChicago Trios

Improvisation with Hans-Peter Pfammatter - Lou Mallozzi - Christian Bucher
Tracks 4, 7

Experimental Sound Studio 2009

Hin & WegHin & Weg: Compilation Gegen Wegweisung

BUG State of Suspense - Part 9
Bucher/Fehlmann DUO - 1

Bündnis Luzern Für Alle 2008

AllezAllez Sur Soleure: a Benefit for Tibet and Nepal

Portobello - Playing Dead

Aunt Katharina Records 2007

RockSchwiizRock Schwiiz 2

Portobello - Playing Dead

TBA 2007

Fast ForwardEtnies Fast Forward Tour Volume II

Portobello - Chase the Dragon


Audio SurfAudio Surf Vol 1

Portobello - She's Like Night

Banana Pirate Records 2005


PlayingPortobello: You're So Indie, Baby

Music Video

11 P.M. RECORDS 2010

You're So Indie, BabyYou're So Indie, Baby

SF2 Roboclip/ Viva Swizz/ Music-Night bei Dani Beck

Video: "You're So Indie, Baby"

PlayingPortobello: Playing Dead

Music Video

Condor Records 2007

Playing DeadPlaying Dead

SF2 Roboclip/ Viva Swizz/ TVM3/ Télévision Suisse Romande TSR/ B-Kanal/ Music-Night by Dani Beck/ Streetclip (DE)/ C-Tube (DE)

Video: "Playing Dead"

Gruppe MGruppe M

Kunstvideo auf DVD

brainhall 2005

Gruppe M

Video: "M."

Schritte Schritte Gegen den Wind

Soundtrack for the Documentary Film of Stefan Jäger

Mago Film-Productions 1994

Schritte Gegen den Wind

Von Grund Von Grund auf wär ich ein Mensch zum Leben

Soundtrack for the Documentary Film of Stefan Jäger

Mago Film-Productions 1992

Von Grund auf wär ich ein Mensch zum Leben


OrteCoverOrte Obwalden

Jo Achermann

Kulturkommission Obwalden 2021


LeporelloCoverUnter der Oberfläche

Claudia Bucher, Rob Nienburg 2016


El ColorTagebuch der Sehnsucht

Franz Bucher, Romano Cuonz, Christian Bucher

Druckerei Odermatt 2016


Vom R&RVom Rieseln und Rinnen

Claudia Bucher

Martin Walimann 2007

Vom Rieseln und Rinnen

El ColorEl Color del Jazz

Jorge Lardone

Marcelo Kohan 2007

El Color del Jazz

RepellingRepelling Attraction

Julia Kälin

Martin Wallimann 2006

Repelling Attraction

Video: "A und C"

GeballteGeballte Gegenwart

Lydia Jeschke, Daniel Ott, Lukas Ott

Christoph Merian 2005

Geballte Gegenwart

HundertmalHundertmal im Schtei

Erich Brechbühl

Martin Wallimann 2005

Hundertmal im Schtei


Julia Kälin

Kunstraum Katzenstrick, Einsiedeln 2003

im Lagerhaus Eigenthal

KunstraumKunstraum Obwalden 97/98/99

Melk Imboden, Martin Wallimann

Martin Wallimann 2000

Kunstraum Obwalden 97/98/99

Gruppe9im Lagerhaus Eigenthal

Gruppe 9


im Lagerhaus Eigenthal

Gruppe9im Kunstraum Giswil

Gruppe 9


im Kunstraum Giswil


Martin Wallimann 1991


StGeroldBegegnungswoche St Gerold

Künstlertreff 13

Martin Wallimann 1991

Begegnungswoche St Gerold


DieGoldeneKehleDie Goldene Kehle

Jugendchor Azurro und Kinderchor Allegro


not4saleNot 4 Sale



JugendchorJugendchor St Michael Zug

da Capo Music 2001

SpielSpitRgt9Spiel Spit Rgt 9




Koller Multimedia 2000 VHS


Koller Multimedia 1998 VHS

KrachusKrachus und Musikus in Horw

Ein Jubiläumsfestspiel

1997 Cassette

SpielInfRgt20Spiel Inf Rgt 20 in Concert

Amos 1994

VomStaernSpiel Inf Rgt 20

1992 Cassette

titanicRekrutenspiel Bern


Amos 1991

VomStaernBig Band Upwood Juniors und Chor

1987 Cassette

VomStaernVom Stärn i der Nacht

Singspiel für Bigband, Chor und Solisten

1985 Cassette